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Welcome to our on-line appointment system. If at any time you would prefer to schedule an appointment by phone, please call our office at 615-220-5858. You may register for any of the following appointments or events (classes):

 RealHelp™ Session

1 ½ hour coaching session to identify goals and develop a DETAILED plan to accomplish them.  Your session may focus on the area(s) you choose, including budgets, credit, debt, savings, assets or housing.  Appointments are available on Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with evening hours until 7:00 pm on Thursday.  The cost is $49 for the initial session/$75 per couple.  Future sessions are $25.

 Fast Track Homebuyer Education Class

This six-hour class meets the requirements of THDA, Welcome Home and other first-time homebuyer programs. The course is interactive and combines a variety of methods to help you understand the homebuying process and to increase your chances for success.  You will receive your certificate at the completion of the class.  The cost is $50.

Visit our website for additional information at www.dominionfinancial.org.

 Bible Studies

There are two Bible Studies offered.  The first is a class that meets once per month - The WORD on Finances.  A new topic will be covered each month.  Attend as often as you are able.  The second is a Seven-Week Class entitled Money and Marriage.  The cost is $25/$40 to cover the materials only.  Watch the calendar for future dates to enroll.

 Take Control of Your Finances

This is a series of four classes on Budgets/Spending plans, Credit, Debt and Homebuyer Orientation.  Take one or more classes according to your financial needs.  Classes repeat each month.

  Financial Q & A
This 15 minute phone session is for financial questions.  Please submit your question in the notes section when you register so that your coach can be answer in the time allotted.  There is no charge for this service.