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Undergraduate Academic Advisement 
On-line Scheduling System


Welcome to the Lehman College Office of Academic Advisement on-line appointment system.

Please set up your appointment in an available timeslot. 


Please use your full name, (especially in the case of a hyphenated last name) and enter your birth date (this allows us to differentiate when multiple students have the same name).




FRESHMEN: Seek advising from the Freshman Year Initiative program (Carman Hall 341, 718-960-8720)

SECOND DEGREE STUDENTS: If your second degree is in anything other than Nursing or Social Work, seek advisement from the department in which you are attaining your degree. 

TRANSFER STUDENTSDo not make an appointment until you have received your Transfer Evaluation from the Admissions Office. If you are looking to enroll, but have yet to be admitted to the college, please go to the Admissions Office (Shuster Hall 161, 718-960-8713)

Once you have your Transfer Credit Evaluation, you will receive an email with a separate page to make your appointment. 


If you are coming to our office to submit an appeal, take an appeal cover sheet, or get a signature for a Second Degree form, Excess Credit form, or Permission to Repeat a Course form: you do not need an appointment, just come to the office and let a member of the office staff know what you need.


If you cannot make it to your appointment, please cancel so that other students are able to take your place.

Please DO NOT double up on appointments, this makes timeslots unavailable to your fellow students! 


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Welcome to our on-line appointment system