Salvatores Barber Shop

Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 situation, I am now closed until further notice.

My online retail store remains open if you require any products at with FREE delivery.

I plan to update this website on Monday mornings with my current status. Please keep safe and healthy and see you all after this madness is over.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Salvatore



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Due to the current situaton with COVID-19 we have suspended registation until further notice.

We are currently taking steps to prepare ourselves to reopen when advised by the government.

We have obtained PPE in the form of face masks, visor, disposable gloves, disposable gowns and disposable towels. We continue to use Barbercide Lotion to sterilise our tools and have also obtained Barbercide Surface Spray to clean between customers. All magazines have been removed and will stagger customers so that we can create a sterile environment for your visit.

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