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( Interstate 85 - exit 75 ) The Testing Center is located in building 100.

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1531 Trinity Church Rd.
Concord, NC 28027
( Interstate 85 - exit 55 ) The Testing Center is located in building 1000.
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Placement Testing

All Testers Must Schedule an Appointment

Placement Testing is designed to measure your skill levels in Reading Comprehension, English, Mathematics, and Computers. Placement Test scores serve as a guidance tool for course registration.  The test includes assessment for reading comprehension, revising/editing, essay writing, mathematics, and computer skills.  The scores are used to select beginning courses in reading, English, and math and to identify placement based on required course prerequisites.
For more information on testing, please visit RCCC Testing Center's site at


There is no fee for current RCCC students to complete their initial placement testing; however, if you are NOT a RCCC student, but wish to complete your placement testing at one of our campuses, please contact Kathy Hall, Director of Testing Centers, at 704-216-3468 or


Placement Testing is required for all students wishing to enroll in a reading, English, and/or math course, or a course that requires reading, English, and/or math as prerequisite. Students may be exempt based on successful completion of previous college level work (English and/or math), appropriate SAT or ACT scores, or completion of placement testing at another community college.  Official transcripts and placement test scores are required to determine exemption and must be received from the institution where credit was obtained.  For further information regarding exemption, please visit the Testing Center's website at

Retest-Placement Testing - Choose this option only if you need to retake a section of the exam.

You are only allowed one retest per section per year.  A $5.00 retest fee will be assessed per test section and is to be paid at Navigation Station prior to your scheduled appointment.  You must identify yourself as a retest examinee during testing in order to ensure you are given credit for your retest scores and scores are properly entered in your record.  



  • Due to the length of the examination, you must arrive on time for your scheduled testing.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled session, you will not be admitted for testing.  You will have to reschedule for another date/time.  No exceptions.
  • Check in with the staff at either the North or South Campus Navigation Station when you arrive.  If you are retesting, pay your $5.00 retest fee and bring your receipt with you to the Testing Center. 
  • Bring a valid Picture ID, such as a Driver's License, Military ID, State ID Card, Passport, or Student ID Card.  If the ID is expired, cracked, broken, or otherwise tampered with, it will not be accepted for identification and you will not be allowed to test. 
  • Bring your Student ID Number that is located in your acceptance letter.  You will not be able to test without this number. If you cannot locate your Student ID Number, please ask Navigation Station staff for assistance with locating your number upon check-in.  


Certiport MOS

According to Certiport, "Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT certification in the world. More than 1 million MOS exams are taken every year in over 140 countries.

Demonstrate you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. MOS enables you to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance, confidence, and differentiation."

Here at RCCC, we will offer Certiport MOS exams in the following areas: WORD 2013, EXCEL 2013, ACCESS 2013, POWERPOINT 2013, OUTLOOK 2013, SHAREPOINT 2013, and OneNote 2013.

You must have a MOS Voucher to test. 

Certiport IC3 - Internet and Computing Core Certification

According to Certiport, the IC3 "provides students and job seekers with the foundation of knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet...A job candidate or college applicant with IC3 Certification is instantly recognized as already having the critical entry-level skills needed to function effectively in academic and work environments."

You must have an IC3 Voucher to test.


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