Arista Spa 5280
Cleanse, Skin Analysis, Tone, Exfoliation, Light Facial Massage, Hydration with Sun Protection.
The perfect solution for a hectic schedule because even busy girls need to be pampered! Includes a 30 minute cleansing, toning and moisturizing session that leaves you radiant.
Whatever your skin care concern, this facial indulgence will leave your skin glowing with that fresh-face radiance you have always wanted. Each Facial Treatment considers your needs and desired outcome along with some TLC. All include a deep cleansing, extraction, facial massage, specialty mask and moisturizer.
Includes skin analysis, cleanse, medicated toner, steam, exfoliating mask, extractions, acne treatment, closing mask, hand & foot massage, skin care cream, solar block.
Signature Express Anti Aging Vitamin Facial $55
All natural skin nourishing anti-aging serum packed with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Perfect for sun damaged, dry and aging skin. Cleanse, Skin Analysis, Exfoliation, Rehydrating Vitamin Serum, Hot Towel, Hydration Masque, finished with Sun Protection.
Signature Anti Aging Vitamin Facial $120
a Customized Anti-Aging Vitamin Infused Facial including skin analysis, cleanse, tone, moisturize, customized exfoliating masque with steam, removal of pore debris, nourishing vitamin serum facial massage, hot towels, restorative finishing cream and solar block. Relaxing hand & foot massage.
COLLAGEN Fiber Sheet Masques $40
Application of collagen to the face. Includes the lip and eye area. Highly moisturizing. Plumps up the skin and minimizes fine lines and reduces puffiness.
Choose from a First Time Light Chemical Peel Exfoliation Treatment, a Deeper Peel with Upgraded Chemical Exfoliation or a Series of Three Customized Layered Treatments. Each appointment will include a complimentary skin analysis to determine which type of chemical to use to achieve lustrous results and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great service as an add-on to compliment any Facial. Vouchers and gratuities will be processed upon check out.
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical exfoliating treatment. A handheld diamond wand is used to “sand away” dead skin cells in order to make way for healthier cells. This noninvasive procedure has been shown to promote skin rejuvenation, increase cell thickness and boost collagen synthesis for a more youthful appearance.
Dermaplaning is a technique which a small implement is used to manually slough off dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This process leaves the skin looking bright, smooth, and soft. It also allows for better penetration of home care products. Derma-planes are ideal for those with rough, dry skin, superficial brown spots, mild acne scars, or fine lines. A great pre-treatment for any facial service!
Cleanse, skin check, steam, exfoliating scrub, back massage, closing mask, moisturizing skin care cream.
European Facial & 60 Minute Massage Experience the ultimate in two hours of relaxation and pampering! Our signature European Facial and a 60 Minute relaxation massage will have you feeling and looking your best. Great for any occasion!
Gentle Pressure used to alleviate Stress focusing on the Neck, Back and Shoulders. A 30 minute service. You may make this a full hour massage by selecting the 30 minute add on service. For women only.
Brow Shaping Waxing & Tinting $40
A perfectly shaped brow achieved with wax and a trim followed by a customized tinting service. Vouchers and gratuities will be processed upon check out.
BROW Wax $20
Wax and shape brow. Apply aloe soothing gel.
LASH or BROW Tint $20
This service includes a plant based tinting formula which lasts 10-14 days. Safe and approved for use around the eye area.
Service includes a professional lash perming solution to make lashes appear longer and fuller for up to 6 weeks and a lash conditioner for after care. Add on a Lash Tint for a more dramatic look!
Brow, Lip & Chin Wax $40
This service includes brow shaping & trim and includes hair removal from the lip and chin with a gentle hard wax. Vouchers and gratuities will be processed upon check out.
Lip Wax $10
Wax lip and apply aloe soothing gel.
Chin Wax $12
Wax chin and apply aloe soothing gel.
Full Face Wax $45
Full face wax including brow and shaping. Application of calming aloe soothing gel. Vouchers and gratuities will be processed upon check out.
Underarm Wax $25
Wax underarm and apply aloe soothing gel.
Half Arm Wax $25+
Wax lower or upper arm and apply aloe soothing gel.
Full Arm $40
Wax both upper and lower arms. Apply aloe soothing gel.
Half Leg Wax $35
Wax both lower or upper legs and apply aloe soothing gel.
Full Leg $70
Wax both upper and lower legs. Apply aloe soothing gel.
Stomach Wax $12
Wax stomach and apply aloe soothing gel.
Bikini Wax $35
This service may be upgraded to a French Bikini or Brazilian wax for an additional fee. Vouchers and gratuities will be processed upon check out. For women only.
French Bikini Wax $45
This service is also called a Modified Brazilian and can include hair removal in any combination of the bikini area with the exception of complete hair removal. Includes waxing to the back upon client preference. Apply aloe soothing gel.
Brazilian Wax $55
Complete hair removal in the bikini area from front to back. Apply aloe soothing gel. For women only.
PRE-PAID Waxing Package
Pre-Paid Brazilian Waxing punch cards will be honored until the date they expire. Card must be presented to be valid.
Chest or Back Wax $30-$45
This service is mid-priced but can be anywhere from $30-$45 depending upon the amount of hair to remove. Wax chest or back and apply aloe soothing gel.
Toe or Finger Nail Clip $14
Clip nails, lightly file & buff.
POLISH Change $12
Remove old polish, light buff, apply new polish.
Spa 5280 MANI $20
Sanitize hands, soak nails, push back cuticle, file, hand and arm massage, buff & polish.
Spa 5280 ULTIMATE Manicure $25
Sanitize hands, soak nails, scrub, push back cuticle, file, hand & arm massage with warming mitts, buff & polish.
SHELLAC or GEL Manicure $35
These nails really ROCK! Shellac or Gel polish is applied to the natural nails, hardened with an LED lamp for an instantaneous shine! A great way to change up boring polish for a manicure or pedicure that really lasts!
PEDI Express $25
This short but relaxing treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Treat your feet to an aromatherapy soak with cuticle and nail trim, short foot massage and perfect polish.
Spa 5280 PEDI $35
Sanitize and soak feet, nail trim, file, push back cuticle, callus treatment, scrub, relaxing leg and foot massage, buff & polish.
Cleanse, File, Gentle Cuticle Care, Buff, Finished with Your Choice of Polish.
Spa 5280 ULTIMATE Pedicure $45
Sanitize feet, soak nails, push back cuticle, file, scrub, callus removal, hydrating foot mask, foot & leg massage with warming boots, buff & polish with your favorite color.
Special ionic system contained in a comfortable foot bath. Detoxifies chemicals, toxins and impurities from cells, tissues and organs. Infuses oxygen back into them to repair and replenish resulting in overall health and well being.
Swarovsky Crystals are applied to the skin after a Brazilian waxing service in various designs, colors and patterns of your choice. A great way to accentuate the feminine area for any special occasion.
These colorful tattoo designs are so much fun! Can be placed anywhere on the skin and will stay on for approximately 2-3 weeks.