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Starting Monday, Feb. 1st 

Math Center Peer Tutoring Hours - Spring 2016

Walk-In Hours
Monday-Friday: 10-1
Sunday: Not Available Until February 14th

25-Minute Appointments
Monday-Thursday: 9-10, 1-6
Friday: 9-10, 1-2

Click on MATH/WRITING to schedule an appointment

Writing Center Peer Tutoring Hours - Spring  2016

Appointments recommended, walk ins welcome. 

Monday: 8-12 & 1-2
Tuesday: 8-9:50 & 11-12:30
Wednesday: 8-12 & 1-2
Thursday: 8-9:50 & 11-1
Friday: 8-8:50 & 10-10:50 & 12-2


Second Language Writers & Fresh Start Students

You are welcome to work with a peer tutor but also have the option of working with Dr. Heather Carroll.  She is happy to meet with you to help you improve your writing, discuss course readings, or connect you to the Writing Center's Conversation Circle.

email heather.carroll@uwc.edu


Tutoring services are restricted to students enrolled in at least one class at UW-Waukesha.

Please schedule only one appointment per day in each area. You may schedule an appointment in math and an appointment in writing on the same day.