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Directions to Parking Garage: •Take Cold Spring Lane (East) to the intersection of Cold Spring Lane and Hillen Road. •Go about 0.3 miles on Cold Spring Ln. East. •Turn Right to the first street (Stadium Drive). •Go to the second Stop Sign. Garage is located on the right. Parking Garage to McMechen Hall: Walk north past football stadium and return to Coldsping Lane. McMechen Hall is two buildings to the right (East) of the pedestrian bridge. Directions: look for Building 27 Taxes are prepared from Rm 304 in McMechen Building [School of Business]


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When you come to the FREE tax location, bring the following: 

A social security card for EACH family member. We can no longer use prior year files to verifiy social security numbers
A photo ID for each filer
W-2 forms for all jobs worked in 2014

NEW! Affordable Care Act:  1)1095 form or other health insurance information 2)documentation of any dependent income
Child care provider name,address, and tax ID number
All banking account information (a voided check and/or savings deposit slip) to direct deposit your refund
A copy of last year's tax return
Any document or information about money you have received from the IRS or Maryland
All 1099 forms for other income, if any
Any other tax related documents you have received
Every adult on your return must come to sign the return