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Our third drive-thru Flu Clinic of the 2020-2021 flu season have been scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd, at the Savannah office (FluMist and flu shots will be available). We will be offering flu vaccine for parents for $40. Please only schedule appointments for your child/children and schedule the appointment under their name and date of birth.


1) Select the number of children receiving the flu vaccine in your group in the drop down options on the left hand side of the screen (parents can get vaccinated, but should not include themselves in the number attending).

2) Select the date on the calender for the flu clinic you are attending.

3) Select the time you want to schedule the appointment.

4) Enter your child's first name, your child's last name, your email address, and your child's date of birth. If you are scheduling appointments for multiple children, just list one child's name.

5) Click "Finalize Appointment".

Important: Your child CANNOT receive the FluMist if they have a history of asthma, if they have received 4-year-old vaccines (MMR/Varicella) or FluMist immunization in the last 28 days or if they have had a serious adverse/allergic reaction to a previous flu vaccine.

If you are attending one of the Drive Thru Flu Clinics, there will be raffles for gift cards and giveaways!