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PLEASE NOTE: you can only schedule an appointment on the photo dates provided, which are posted on the Red River College website and also in your Student Handbook.
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Welcome to our Online Appointment System!


To schedule your photo appointment, please review and follow these steps when prompted:

Step 1 - Select your Faculty name in the drop down menu. You can only sign up under your Faculty.
Step 2 - Select your Date. Open dates on calendar are indicated by blue date links.
Step 3 - Select your Appointment Time. White indicates availability. Grey indicates unavailability.
Step 4 - Complete the Registration Form. Make sure to write down your login and password.

Step 5 - Confirm your Appointment.


If you have already booked an appointment and are returning to reschedule or cancel your original appointment, please click here to start the rescheduling process. At the top, click on "Reschedule - Cancel".


If you are having difficulties rescheduling or canceling your appointment, please call our Office at 204-272-3500.