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WELCOME TO LIFETOUCH, our online appointment system. 
Please follow these steps to schedule your appointment!
Step 1 - Select your Session Type.

Step 2 - Select your Site.
Step 3 - Select "All Faculty" unless otherwise directed on the information received from your department
Step 4 - Click to find open slots. (Open dates show in white with clickable links are available to select )
             NOTE:  Not all calendar days are available to every faculty.  If a day is shown as available for booking but when selected not times are shown, this means this particular calendar day is reserved for another faculty with different criteria.  Please re-slect another day.  
Step 5 - Click book it by your desired spot.
Step 6.  Complete Registration form/Confirm Appt
We release appointments a few weeks at a time.  We monitor the booking site, but on occasion spots fill up prior to us opening additonal times. 


Sitting fee is $40 (McMaster University grads) 
**It is the responsibility of the student to assue all information provided is accurate at the time of the sitting. 
Please arrive dressed and ready for your session, ( we dont have a change room) & 10 minutes early to complete the registration.  Late arrival may result in rescheduling of your appointment. 
 *If you need to CANCEL or RESHCEDULE your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.   
   No Shows and cancellations less than 24 HR are subject to an additional FEE

Thank you for booking your grad session.  Congratulations on your degree.  We look forward to meeting you soon! 
                                                                                                                                       - Your Lifeotuch Photo Team 

Please contact us at:   mcmasteruniversity@lifetouch.ca   with questions.