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We are booked till June 28, 2022, however, additional times in the schedule are being released.  Please check for availability.

St Ann students: Photos will be taken at 5895 North St Niagara Falls ON. L2G1J7
Mohawk College...Grad Photos Now Available at Your Convocation .....
Email us for sign up inforamtion...!!
1. Select session2. Select site3. Select faculty4. Select Date5. Select Time6. Finalize appointment

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Composite Deadlines extended - June 30/22 most faculties
ENGINEERS-grad photo appointment availability by selecting the "ALL FACULTY" tab-ask us about your deadline
Medicine please ask us for updated composite and yearbook deadlines. 

Our schedule is almost booked for the year...!!  Please be considerate with your appointment.  If you need to reschedule, please do so within 24Hrs as spots are limited & others are waiting.   Last minute cancellations less than 24hrs or no show, will result in a $10.00 cancellation fee will be added to your session.

                                    *MASKS ARE MANDITORY ON ALL MCMASTER PREMISES.                                                                                              Please arrive wearing yours...!!!!!                                                                                It will be removed for the photo and must be put back on after the session.*

We provide the grad gown & Faculty Hood.   We are not providing the Grad Cap or flowers during the pandemic. 
 If you bring your own, we can include them.    NO Friends or Family in the photos at this time..!!!
$10 Fee for cancellations less than 24 Hours or No Show!!

MOHAWK COLLEGE:  June 20-24/22 Lifetouch will be at your graduation venue to provide grad sittings   
Limited spots available at McMaster for Mohawk grad photos. 
Please follow the specific sign up promptsfor  each to assure  booked at the correct location.

  WHEN PROMPTED, Please follow these steps to schedule your appointment.!
Step 1 - Select your Session Type.
Step 2 - Select your Site.
Step 3 - Select All Faculty unless otherwise directed in your sign up information
(Some days reserved for departments with earlier deadlines and will not be available to All Faculties)
Step 4 - Click to find open slots. (Open dates show in white with clickable links are available to select )

Step 5 - Click book it by your desired spot.
Step 6.  Complete Registration form/Confirm Appt
Please contact us at:   mcmasteruniversity@lifetouch.ca   with questions.