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New/Readmit Students:
Login is first initial+middle initial+last name+last 3 digits of student ID.
Example: jcsmith321
Initial password is first initial+middle initial+last initial+ID+hashtag+full Student ID number.

Example:  aewID#123006789
Note: Concurrent students, who are graduating high school and reapplied in Workday, will follow this log-in and use Workday student ID.

Currently Enrolled Students:
 Login is First initial+Middle initial+Last name+last 3 digits of your student ID.
Example: JCSmith321
Initial password is first initial + 9 digit student ID.
Example: J999154321.

*If you have logged in previously, you will have been prompted to change your password.

Login and password are case sensitive.

If you are unable to login, please call Advising@ 501-208-5307.

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