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Welcome to the online appointment system for the Breema Clinic and Greeting Health. Please log in before scheduling if you have an account. Just enter your email address in the upper right corner of this window.

Greeting Health clients please note, only Alexandra Johnson, MD appointments can be booked through this online system. For appointments with the other integrative practitioners, please call 510-455-8008.

If you have any difficulty scheduling Breema Clinic appointments, please call us at 510-428-1234, especially for same-day appointments.

For Greeting Health Clients:

I recognize that Greeting Health PC and the Breema Clinic use a shared appointment system. When I schedule an appointment, my name and any information I enter (phone, email or address), will become part of the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system.  This enables the individual practitioners working out of the Breema Clinic to coordinate room usage. No information about my health or the reason for my visit will be disclosed, and there is no clinical information shared between providers or elsewhere unless authorized by the patient in writing.  If I prefer to not have my name or other information in the Breema Clinic scheduling record, I can schedule with only my first name and last initial. By scheduling online I acknowledge I have read and understood this information, and I agree to participate in the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system.