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TN eCampus exams at The University of Memphis are administered in campus computer labs. Computers in these labs are protected and can only be accessed by University of Memphis students. If you are not a University of Memphis student, you must choose another proctor at a TBR site or alternative location:


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Welcome to The University of Memphis TN eCampus Exam Scheduler. Please follow steps 1 - 5 above to schedule an appointment for a TN eCampus midterm or final exam.  Be sure to review all locations for available appointments. 


Please note: All TN eCampus exam appointments must be set no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the exam period.


No appointments will be accepted after Friday, July 29th for final exams.


Some sites fill quickly, so make your appointments early to get the location you want.  Review the Calendar Key below to determine which dates have filled. If your chosen site is entirely filled (all dates are grey), check back often for cancellations and review all locations for available appointments. 


Even if your preferred location is full, it is recommended you still make an appointment for another location on a date and time you can make.  Then you can check back often for cancellations at your preferred location and change your appointment when a space opens.