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TN eCampus exams at The University of Memphis are administered in campus computer labs. Computers in these labs are protected and can only be accessed by University of Memphis students. If you are not a University of Memphis student, you must choose another proctor at a TBR site or alternative location:


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Welcome to The University of Memphis TN eCampus Exam scheduler.




***The scheduler is now closed for exam appointments. 




The exam appointment scheduler will not allow anyone to reschedule appointments during exam week. If you log into your account during exam week and cancel an appointment, you will not be able to choose another appointment. Rescheduling of appointments will only be processed with documented extenuating circumstances submitted to




Please be aware, we do not have a list of alternative proctors. You will need to determine an appropriate person to proctor an exam. Family members and friends are not appropriate choices. Faculty, academic advisors, or other campus department staff may be determined as appropriate choices. Regardless of who agrees to proctor your exam, you must send their name and information to your instructor for approval.




The campus testing center at The University of Memphis does not proctor TN eCampus exams.