Clear Rivers Holistics’ mission is to assist you in obtaining clearer, more youthful skin by integrating professional skin care treatments, appropriate home care regimen, proper food choices, responsible lifestyle, yoga and meditation. 

 Helping you acheive inner health and radiant beauty

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I'll be closed April 16-May 3

Don't forget to wear your mask to your appointment!

Lash Lifts are available now and they are AWESOME!!!

*Curl lasts 6-8 weeks, 1 hr appt, $80 with Lash Tint*

HydraFacial MD Choices:or the

*HydraFacial MD-Basic, 30 minutes $159

*HydraFacial MD-Anti-Aging PLUS, 75 minutes $189 (includes face, hands, chest & LED PhotoFacial)

Have you tried a HydraFacial MD yet?  (click here for info)




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