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Welcome to our on-line appointment system.

If you would like to schedule or cancel an appointment for TODAY, please call the office at (630) 351-2256.

Attention Groupon and YELP Clients: While we appreciate your business, please note that Bobby Clark WILL NOT be accepting Groupon or YELP Coupons.

To schedule a massage therapy appointment using our on-line system, start by selecting the service from the drop down menu at the left. Then, select the therapist. And finally, the date. The system will then display the times available for that date and therapist. Click on the time most convenient for you. (Available dates and times are displayed in white). Please note- the system automatically adds 30 mins. to each massage therapy appointment to allow for time between clients. So, for example, a one hour massage requires that a one and half hour block of time be available.
If you can't find a convenient time for the date you've chosen, select another date, or therapist.

You will then be asked to enter your login and password. If you have not as yet established your login and password, you will be asked to enter some information and choose your login and password. (Required information is in bold). Then, you can finalize your appointment.

An e-mail reminder will be sent to you 2-3 days prior to your appointment.

Once you've established your login and password, you can visit our site anytime to create, cancel or view your scheduled appointments.