Note: After you selected a date in blue and get to the Select Appointment Time page, if the message says "There are no locations available on this date", that means there is no testing at the location you selected on this date; If the space by the oral appointment time is in gray, that means the time slot is not available on this date.

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All testing has been cancelled until further notice due to Covid 19. 

WELCOME to our on-line appointment system

  • Confirming your appointment registration signifies your agreement to abide by the LTC program rules and policies listed on the DSHS Test Registration Information Page. The policies include No refunds or rescheduling more than 10 days after purchase except in the case of a documented emergency. 
  • You must be at least 18 years old to take any of the LTC tests.

NEW!!! You can only register for a test if you have a profile in LTC Gateway and you have been approved for testing. Makes sure to note your Appointment Plus GUID on “Candidate Details” tab in Gateway and have an accurate Primary Email on your Gateway profile before you try to register. If you schedule a test without a valid Appointment Plus GUID and without permission to test, your test will be cancelled and refunded. 


For more information about tests see our Examination Manual and visit the Test Registration Information Page before proceeding with your regisration. You must register for each test you wish to take seperately.

  1. Select location (Olympia, Yakima or Spokane)
  2. Select type of test (Interpreter Written, Interpreter Oral or Document Translator) 
  3. Select language If you do not see your language, please check back next month. 
  4. Available dates will appear in blue. Select a date available in your desired location. Dates in gray are full or not open.
  5. Select a date to register. Please note, that the location should match the location that you chose in the top drop down menu (Olympia, Spokane, or Yakima). 
  6. If the system does not allow you to register, this means the available time slot is not large enough to accomodate any test. You will need to find another date/time or wait for the next month to open.
  7. To Register
    • Use your LTC Gateway GUID ID and your LTC Gatewaty primary email adress to register. 
    • Do not select "DSHS employee" for type of test. You must select medical interpreter, social services interpreter or document translator (written-only translation test).  
    • Do not change the test location from the one you initially select on this page - other locations may not be available on the same day/time. 

If you do not receive an email confirmation AND receipt within a few minutes of registering, please contact LTC at immediately. We do not accept drop-ins. You must have an appointment to test.