Welcome to the Information Systems appointment system!

Throughout the semester, I am available most afternoons to meet with Information Systems students from 1:30-3:30pm for walk-in advising to answer quick questions.

For questions taking longer than 5 minutes, please schedule an appointment, so we can meet with no interruptions. Please schedule a morning appointment if you are interested in applying for transfer to Information Systems.

Gary J. DiLisio, Principal Academic Advisor, Information Systems Program
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hamburg Hall 3032, gdilisio@andrew.cmu.edu

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Thank you for using the Information Systems appointment system!

The calendar is divided into 15 minute appointments. If a 30 minute appointment is required, please book 2 consecutive time slots.  

If you're a sophomore interested in transferring to Information Systems, please  feel free to schedule a morning or afternoon appointment with me. Freshmen who are interested in transferring should email Ms. Brandy Wilson at brandyw@andrew.cmu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Students can use this system to schedule an appointment or to check if I am in the office. In order to save you a trip over to Hamburg Hall, the system will not provide you an option to schedule an appointment when I am in a meeting, already booked, or taking a day off.

As the Information Systems academic advisor, I can assist with course advice, degree requirements, scheduling advice, progress toward degree requirements, course substitutions, requirements, electives, study abroad opportunities, introductory information regarding double majors/minors, and discuss policies for transfer credit, independent study, and change of major.

I look forward to meeting with you,
Gary DiLisio