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  November 2019
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Thank you for using the Information Systems appointment system!

The calendar is divided into 15 minute appointments. If a 30 minute appointment is required, please book 2 consecutive time slots.  

If you're a sophomore interested in transferring to Information Systems, please  feel free to schedule a morning or afternoon appointment with me. Freshmen who are interested in transferring should email Ms. Brandy Wilson at brandyw@andrew.cmu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Students can use this system to schedule an appointment or to check if I am in the office. In order to save you a trip over to Hamburg Hall, the system will not provide you an option to schedule an appointment when I am in a meeting, already booked, or taking a day off.

As the Information Systems academic advisor, I can assist with course advice, degree requirements, scheduling advice, progress toward degree requirements, course substitutions, requirements, electives, study abroad opportunities, introductory information regarding double majors/minors, and discuss policies for transfer credit, independent study, and change of major.

I look forward to meeting with you,
Gary DiLisio