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Voice As Instrument - Voice Studios of Eleonor England
On-line Scheduling System

Please take a look at our studio policies and print them out for your first lesson. They are pretty basic. =)


Studio Policies:  http://lessons.eleonorengland.com/index.php/pricing-a-sign-up-info/studio-policies.html


All times are given in Eastern US time (NYC time).  To find out what time it is in your time or vice versa, visit http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


Also, be sure that you receive an EMAIL confirmation.  This is different than the website that tells you your appointment is booked; it's an email. It may come to your SPAM box.  If there is no confirmation then your appointment is not booked so you should contact Ellie to let her know.

1. Select Instructor2. Select Lesson3. Select Date4. Select Time5. Finalize Appointment6. Enter Payment Information

Appointment Locator
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Scheduling online is faster and there is a discount on first lessons if youdo so! 
However, if the scheduler gives you guff, contact Ellie: Eleonor.England@gmail.com; 6i9 / 851 . 3665 - text/call/voicemail


Discounts  If it's your first session w Ellie, be sure to hit the "add on" service of a $10 discount!  Don't hit it if it's not your first lesson w Ellie though or there will be Trouble!  ;) Also, you'll have to select your lesson first and then, once it's selected, the option for the discount will magically appear just below your selected lesson.  Incidentally, this discounted rate is also the per-lesson rate for the 12 lesson packages so...  :D


Online Lessons

SkypeEllie is no longer available as an instructor.  Select NYCEllie or explore dates open for other locations (LaJollaEllie, AmsterdamEllie, SFEllie, etc) and select Skype lessons from the menu.  If you need a longer Skype session than 50 min - or if you'd like a package, please email or text Ellie to set that up.  


Private Lessons Packages
If you want to book a package (6 lessons or 12 lessons), please use the pack but it will ask you for a day to schedule - select the first day you want as your start date/time.  The rest will fill in weekly at the same time within 24 hrs of you having booked. If you want to change the scheduling, shoot Ellie an email or text right away to let her know the times you want for the rest if your lessons (if not weekly at the same time).  Please be sure the times you are asking for show up as available in the online scheduler.  

All lessons must be prepaid in order to hold your spot in the schedule.


Your appt start time may be adjusted up to 40 minutes in either direction if needed to fit everyone in.  If this happens, you will be notified within 12 hours of booking by email or text.  To minimize your chace of this happening, book either the first slot available after a blank spot int he schedule or the last slot available before a blank spot in the schedule.  Sorry, it's a computer scheduler issue.  <3 


Locations of Lessons:

  • San Diego, San Francisco, Amsterdam - location close to trains to be arranged
  • NYC - Midtown West (8th Ave and 37th Street 10018 - 520 8th Ave, Room #TBA - check in on the 16th floor at the front desk the day of to get directions to the room.  It changes daily.)
  • La Jolla - San Diego.  Ellie teaches out of the beautiful La Jolla Music (7423 Girard 92037 LaJollaMusic.com). Bring your beach stuff cause we're a few blocks from La Jolla Cove.  


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