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Welcome to ECE's on-line appointment system for undergraduate and graduate advising!



The Undergraduate Advising Office is located in HH 1116.



 The Graduate Programs Office is located in HH 1113.


This appointment system is to set up 30-minute appointments. To sign up for a 30-minute appointment, please select the Academic Advisor on the left to whom you are assigned to start the process.

The undergraduate advisors also have walk-in hours each day in the afternoon. Walk-in hours are SHORT 15-minute meetings. To sign up for Walk-in Hours you must go to your advisor's office and sign up for a time slot on the sheet located outside your advisor's door.


Please note that all times listed are in US Eastern Standard Time.


Advising in ECE is split as follows:


Undergraduate Students (Located in HH 1116)

Janet Peters: Last Names A-L (for current juniors and seniors)

Last names A-Lh (for current sophomores)

Vickie Woodhead: Last Names M-Z (for current seniors)

Last names Li-Z (for current sophomores and juniors)

Undergraduate advisors have 15-minute walk in appointments starting at 2PM most days.




Graduate Students (located in HH 1113)

Nesli Ozdoganlar: MS Pittsburgh A-L, all JIE, MS/MBA students

Jillian McCarthy: MS Pittsburgh M-Z, all IMB, MS in Rwanda

Nathan Snizaski: All PhD students


Graduate Students in Silicon Valley (located in B19 Room 1060)

Stephanie Scott: All Silicon Valley MS ECE, MS SE, and PhD ECE students

(Stephanie's appointment times are listed in US Pacific Standard Time.)

Please indicate if you are MS SE, MS ECE, or PhD ECE.


Helpful tips
* Meet with your advisors on a regular basis and maintain regular contact.
* Come prepared to ask specific questions.
* Get to know your advisors. You may wish to use them as references in the future.
* Plan ahead and lay out long-term goals.
* Do not wait until the last minute to seek out help, you'll get so much more out of your advising relationship if you are proactive.