June 2020

To our School Counselor community,

These are challenging times for students and families all across the country. We recognize that the situation continues to evolve daily, and we are all experiencing many changes. We have valued your willingness to advise us in how we can help you as you work with students and families. We have experienced great success in communicating with families during this season, with enhanced technology, guest speakers sharing subject matter expertise, and a significant increase in our webinar attendance.

We will offer a comprehensive webinar series focused on each step within our guidance curriculum, including College Financing, College Admissions, After the College Acceptance, and MEFA Pathway. These webinars will replace in-person seminars.

As you know, what families need most in the fall season is information about the financial aid application process, which is covered in our College Financing program. In order to ensure that we help the largest number of families from all schools across the Commonwealth, we plan to offer live College Financing webinars four times a week from late September through October.  All webinars will be recorded and available online for any families unable to attend a live event. Webinars will feature: 

  • Various day and evening time offerings, to provide the most flexibility to families
  • The ability to submit questions in advance to be answered during the webinar
  • Presenters from the MEFA College Planning Team, as well as guests from financial aid offices across the Commonwealth; this will provide families the opportunity to hear from many of the most knowledgeable financial aid leaders in the industry
  • The opportunity to follow up with a member of the College Planning Team to ask additional questions

By mid-August 2020, the final details will be available for these College Financing webinars. We will send you this information so that you may share it with your students and their families. These events will also be posted as events on Facebook, and families will have the opportunity to register on mefa.org. 

We will continue to offer our college planning topics throughout the academic year, ensuring that families can get the information they need, when they need it. Please know that we welcome collaboration with you and are willing to develop a program specifically for your community in the future.

We look forward to our continued partnership and supporting you in your work with students this fall. I’ve had a chance to speak to many of you, but feel free to contact me personally with any questions or if you need additional information. You can reach me at jshields-rutyna@mefa.org.

Julie Shields-Rutyna




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