MALIBU -                     Sat. Sept 18 (FULL)
MURRIETA -                 Sat. Oct 16
SANTA CLARITA -         Sat. Oct 23

If clinic is marked "FULL" (above) please add yourself to the waiting list (log in then 'Join Waiting List' at the top of the page) and we will be in touch if we get any cancellations.  If clinic is not marked "FULL" but you don't see any appointment openings please contact the office as we may be able to accommodate you.

... We are expanding & hopefully adding many more Regions such as Northern California

7/30/21 - We have set up these appointment times in anticipation of the heat during the peak hours. As the date approaches we might be able to open more time slots as the temperature allows.
We will be adding additional dates/locations for August, September and October soon.  
Thanks for your patience and loyalty.


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Private individual and small groups available also at your home or ranch or our locations in Ventura County

Please call office for custom quote.



Training takes place in natural settings. In some locations dogs may encounter foxtails, burs, biting or venomous insects or reptiles. We try to choose the optimum combination of natural landscaping and safety. If you have any concerns about a specific locations please contact the office as soon as possible or within 48 hours prior to event for more information. You will also be given an opportunity on the date of your appointment to walk the course prior but will not be given a credit at that point if you decide not to go forward.

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Best web browser to use is Google Chrome also.


Appointments can be made online or over the phone, however over the phone appointments will be subject to a $10.00 administrative fee.


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