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Effective June 12, 2018: $5.00 administrative fee per dog for appointments made BY PHONE ONLY


 Please note if attending training at Chino Hills-Prado Dog Park, there is an entrance fee as follows, however the good news is there are over 500 acres of fields and trails as well as many ponds for you to let your dog have some off leash fun after your rattlesnake training …or before if they need to burn off a little energy.  If your dog isn’t trustworthy off-leash just bring a long line of some sort and enjoy:


Per Person or Married Couple (1 vehicle) 2 Dogs (w/chilren 16 years or younger no additional charge) $15.00


                Additional Dogs (each)  $5.00


Additionally, there is a gun/shooting range near the park. If your dog is extra sensitive you may want to choose an alternative location for training. 



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