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Remote Placement Testing Options


Triton is offering two remote Accuplacer placement testing options via Examity and Zoom.  If you are a new Triton student, and you haven’t already done so, you will need to submit an online application before proceeding with the placement test.  More information on submitting an application can be found here: https://www.triton.edu/admissions-aid/getting-started/


Your computer type will determine which method of testing is best for you.  Students with PC or Mac should use the Examity option.  Students with a Chromebook should use the Zoom option. 



Examity Accuplacer (PC and Mac only)

For Examity Accuplacer, you will NOT be making an appointment on this page.  You will be making your appointment on the Examity website after you receive your test voucher. Please follow these steps:

1) Review Examity computer requirements and information: https://examity.com/accuplacer-students/

2 ) Complete and submit the Examity Accuplacer Request Form:  https://forms.gle/9mQNvQTRsxoQnqzD7

3) Receive email from Accuplacer with test voucher and appointment scheduling instructions within 24 hours

4) Schedule your testing appointment with Examity

5) Complete your Accuplacer test during your scheduled time with Examity

6) Receive “next steps” instructions from Triton testing staff within 24 hours of completing Accuplacer (weekend testing may not be processed until the following Monday)


Zoom Accuplacer (Chromebook only)

For Zoom Accuplacer, please follow these steps:

1) Review and confirm that you can meet the technical requirements below.

2) Make an appointment using the "appointment locator" on this page. (Even though the appointment slot will only show for one hour, your exam session will take about 3 hours to complete.)

If Zoom appointments on this page are full, please check back here regularly for upcoming appointment availability.

3) Recieve email confirmation with further instructions about your specific exam session.


Zoom Accuplacer Technical Requirements


If you do not have the required technology listed to take the Accuplacer placement test with Examity or Zoom, email testingcenter@triton.edu and you will be added to our waiting list and will be contacted once on-campus testing options become available.


New first year students may be exempt from the placement test by demonstrating college-level proficiency through qualifying SAT socres or high school GPA. Please refer to Triton College's Placement Measures for more information. Unofficial transcripts and test scores can be sent to advising@triton.edu for determination of possible placement test exemption.