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Delivery/Parking Policy
    Delivery/Parking Policy: The host of the event must provide an adequate drop off location and pick up location. The host will also be responsible for providing parking if the attendant option is selected. (i.e. you live downtown and do not have a load in area for your building/driveway, then you will be responsible to move your car, use a cone or block off an area for delivery. you will also be responsible to pay a meter if applicable. i.e. you are having the booth at a hotel and ordered an attendant, then you will need to pay for their parking accommodations. i.e. you live in a house with no driveway and the street parking is full, then you will still need to reserve/hold a spot close to your house to allow access for delivery.) For 99% of the events this is not an issue.... if you have any questions call 303.918.0830
Drive Fee Policy
    Drive Fee Policy: A Drive fee will only be added if your event is 30 mile or more from our facility at 5777 E Evans Ave Denver, CO 80222. The drive Fee assessment is 50 cents per mile each way(i.e. boulder is 31 miles away, the drive fee is $31...i.e. Castle Pines is 29 miles away, no drive fee...i.e. Fort Collins is 67 miles away, drive fee will be $67) **The Drive fee will be billed to the card on file after booking and a cc receipt will be emailed.
Location Policy
    Location Policy: The booth must be indoors or if outside the outside structure must have a concrete/pavement floor and a permanent structure rain proof roof. If we arrive on site and these accommodations are not met there will be no refunds or reschedules allowed.
Refund Policy
    Refund Policy: If cancelled prior to 30 days before the event date then a 100% refund will be issued to the card on file. If the event is cancelled after the 30 day mark but before 14 days prior to the event, then the purchaser will be issued a credit. The credit is transferable, sellable and may be used as long as there is availability on the new desired date. After 14 days we will exam each cancellation on a case by case basis.
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