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Seton Hall Prep's Freshman for a Day Program

The FRESHMAN FOR A DAY program is the PERFECT way for prospective students to experience The Prep for the first time. The program is open to 8th graders from September 27 to February 4 and to 7th graders between March 7 and May 20. Freshman for a Day visitors should plan to arrive by 8:15 am on the day of their scheduled visit. Classes begin each morning at 8:45 am and conclude at 2:45 pm each afternoon. Parents are invited to return to the Admission Office at 2:30 pm for an informal gathering with the Director of Admission and other parents. Each Freshman for a Day visitor should dress in a button-down shirt and tie, khaki-type pants, belt, socks, and dress shoes. (No sneakers, please!) Visitors may also request a specific ninth grade host for the day when making their appointment. Should the Freshman for a Day visitor not know a current student to serve as his host, the Director of Admission will select one for him – someone possibly from the same school or town or who shares a common interest. Each visitor will be provided with a custom padfolio, pen, and complimentary lunch in the dining hall! At the end of the school day, each Freshman for a Day visitor will receive his own official Seton Hall Prep shirt!