Welcome to the Online Mammogram Scheduler. Mountain Medical is pleased to work with your company to bring convenient access to this lifesaving screening exam.

If you have any questions about scheduling or mammography, please contact Mountain Medical at 801-713-0593.

If you find there are no appointments available, please join our waiting list (above) and we will work with your company to add additional time slots.

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 **We are currently asking all patients to wear a face mask or covering to your appointment and to reschedule if you are experiencing any cold or flu related symptoms. We thank you for your cooperation as we work together through this pandemic.

 IMPORTANT: If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you are not eligible for a screening mammogram:

Due to limited space, we please ask that only those scheduled for an appointment come to the mobile. Thank you.
* If you have recently received the Covid vaccine it is recommended to wait 3 weeks since the last dose of the Pfizer vaccine or 4 weeks from the last dose of the Moderna Vaccine before having a mammogram. 

* Do you have any breast problems, such as a new lump, pain or nipple discharge?

* Are you Pregnant or Nursing?

* Are you younger than age 40? A written order is required for the appointment if you are under age 40. 

* Has it been less than one year since your last mammogram?

If you answered YES to any of these, please call our office at 801-713-0593 for more information about how to proceed. Otherwise, start by using the dropdown about Breast Implants.