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 Group Advising is required for:

  • First time in college students.
  • Transfer and returning students with less than 42 earned college semester hours.
  • Students entering new majors or programs.
  • Students requiring assistance navigating the ACES registration system.

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Welcome to the Northeast Lakeview online Group Advising scheduling system. Before signing up:

  • You will need to have Completed a current semester application for admission (www.applytexas.org)
  • Completed all required AlamoENROLL modules in ACES
  • Submitted an official high school transcript or GED
  • Submitted proof of bacterial meningitis shot (unless otherwise exempt)
  • Completed any necessary placement testing (or submitted acceptable SAT/ACT/TAKS test scores)


  • All students will be required to present a photo id at your scheduled Group Advising session.
  • Your appointment may be canceled if you did not complete the above list of admissions requirements.
  • You will also need your Student Banner ID. Click here to obtain your Banner ID.

    To get started, please use the drop down menus on the left. If you have additional questions, please email nlc-nlcadmin@alamo.edu.