College of Business and Economics Advising Schedule

The Student Services Center offers 15-Minute and 30-Minute appointments.

    • Monday - Thursday, 2pm – 5pm and all day Friday: 15-Minute Same-Day Appointments. Ideal way to have quick and simple questions answered. To schedule a 15-Minute Same-Day appointment, please call (323) 343-2810 or visit SH 256. 15-Minute Appointments are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.
    • Monday - Friday, during regular office hours: 30-Minute Advance Appointments. To schedule a 30-Minute advisement appointment please visit


Join us for our Study Break: Relax in Business Class where you’ll find time to unwind while you enjoy snacks, games, and music in the Student Services Center. To RSVP, log in below.


Business & Economics students must attend a Graduation Workshop to apply for graduation. To RSVP for a graduation workshop, log in below.


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