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Welcome to our online scheduler!!


Start by selecting your photo location, either our Studio in Shelton, or your School.


Please select your school at our studio as your location. Each school has there own day/time at our studio. We must keep the sittings from each school seperate for production reasons. If you have students attending different schools, you will have to make separate appointments.

Our current Studio Policy due to Covid-19 is that only 1 parent is allowed in our studio with the student being photographed at a time. Please do not bring siblings, friends or other relatives as they will not be allowed inside.

We will also temp check everyone entering our lobby.

Please be ON TIME for your portrait appointment!!!
If you arrive too early, please wait in your car. If you are late, call us to see if we have availability. 

Click below if you have not already ordered portraits:

Order Portraits Here!!

All portraits will be delivered to your school in bulk for pick up.

We thank you for your patience and understanding ahead of time.
Our goal is to always provide a fun experience at our studio while keeping everyone safe and healthy!!