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Northeast State Community College 

On-line Scheduling for COMPASS, CLEP, Distance Education, and the Proficiency Profile(Exit Exam) 

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JULY TESTING DATES WILL BE ADDED SOON.  We are in the process of changing our online scheduling system and apologize for the delay.   We anticipate that July dates will be available by Friday, June 28th. 


Testing is open for COMPASS, CLEP, Distance Education, and INFS. New days and times are continuously added so please check back later when no dates are open.


Students retesting COMPASS and/or MyMath Test have several options:

Retest Writing and/or Reading no Math

Retest Writing and/or Reading and MyMath

Retest MyMath Only


Proficiency Profile Exit Exam is closed for spring.  Scheduling for Summer graduates will open in late June and test in July.