Welcome to our online system! To schedule a NEW PATIENT appt, please call us at 281-491-0110 or email: info@mirvacu.com. This system only allows established patients to schedule online. 


For all new patients seeking an appointment,  please call 281-491-0110 or email us: info@mirvacu.com. Thank you!

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Effective March 19, we will be closing the office with intentions of re-opening on or before April 1. We will be carefully monitoring local and state news before deciding to push this re-opening date forward or back. Please connect with us via social media on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram (@Mirvacu). If you are not on social media, please feel free to email us (info@mirvacu.com). We will be checking emails the days we are not in the office. 

We are offering video conferencing/telemedicine for not only our patients, but also extending the invitation nationwide. Please connect with us on social media or email us for more information.