Welcome to our online system! To schedule a NEW PATIENT appt, please call us at 281-491-0110 or email: info@mirvacu.com. This system only allows established patients to schedule online. 


For all new patients seeking an appointment,  please call 281-491-0110 or email us: info@mirvacu.com. Thank you!

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Hello! This system allows FOLLOW-UP PATIENTS to schedule online. If you are a NEW PATIENT- Please call 281-491-0110 so we may schedule your appointment. Thank you!
WE MOVED! We are now located in the Telfair Office Park, behind Cheddar's restaurant on HWY 6 in Sugar Land: 800 Bonaventure Way, Unit 169, Sugar Land 


We have taken measures to make the environment safe at our office. By accepting and attending this appointment you acknowledge though we have actively tried to create a safe space, there is no perfect environment. By attending your appointment, you do so at your own risk and will not hold us liable for unforeseen COVID-19 related health problems.


In order to safely accommodate our Mirvana friends at our office we are:

 1. Taking & monitoring temperatures of staff and myself daily. Staff and Dr. Patel will wear a mask at all times and it is advised that patients wear/bring their own. There are humidifiers set up in both treatment rooms to help with keeping the air moist. 

 2. Interviewing all patients prior to your arrival to our office. Please note that we will cancel your appointment if you have not answered these questions prior to your appointment. Interview questions:

             A. Have you traveled outside the region (Texas) within the past month?

B. Anyone in your immediate family members or living with ill? If your child is sick (for any reason), please do not seek acupuncture at this time.

C. Are you currently experiencing ANY sneezing, coughing, or fevers? We will not be seeing patients with respiratory distress. We acknowledge those of suffering from Texas allergies, however at this time when it is difficult to differentiate between allergy and virus, we are asking our allergy patients to be patient with us until we can better accommodate you

 2. Your temperature will be taken when you come to see us.  If you have a fever, you will not be seen.

 3. We  have reduced inventory of retail items on our shelves. All items have been thoroughly cleaned and only a limited inventory will remain on the shelves. If you don't see your favorite item(s) on the shelf, just ask us! We have cleaned, packed, sealed many items and are storing them in boxes to limit retail exposure.

 4. We will be separating appointment times to allow time for disinfecting of rooms, door handles/knobs, changing of sheets, and making sure you don’t run into another patient, etc. There will be a disposable film on the door handles for the restroom and treatment room just for you (it will be coded for only your use). 

 5. We will ask patients to come in at the time of their appointment and not sooner. Because of our small waiting area, we will have to ask only patients being seen to enter into the facility. We will not be able to have anyone wait in the front area during your treatment.

 6. You have the option of express checkout. If you would like to use express checkout, please confirm your payment method prior to your appointment. 


We look forward to seeing you at our office soon!