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You must be photographed BEFORE your high school deadline below:

2018 Yearbook Deadlines 

Saratoga - October 6 / Wilcox - October 13 / Mountain View - October 13 / Santa Teresa - October 19 / Homestead- October 27 /

Ann Sobrato - November  2 / Leigh - November 9 / Christopher HS - November 16 / Los Gatos HS - November 16 / Westmont - November 17 /

Leland - December 8 / Valley Christian - December 8 / Pacific Point Christian Academy - November 13 / Henry M Gunn- January 10 /

Saint Francis - January 11 / Calero - March 2018 / Fusion Academy - March 2018

The King's Academy- October 27


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Portraits NOW...are Memories FOREVER

Choose your Senior Portrait Session that best describes YOU

Basic Senior Session: This session includes your yearbook attire and cap and gown traditional. We will provide the Drape, Tuxedo and Cap and Gown. ($25.00 + tax).

Classic Senior Session: This session includes your  yearbook attireCap and gown traditional plus ONE additional outfit of your choice. ($35.00+tax)

Senior Deluxe Session: This session includes your yearbook attire and cap and gown traditional plus TWO additional outfits of your choice. ($45.00 + tax)

Senior Environmental Session: This session includes your yearbook attire, cap and gown traditional  photographed in the studio plus ONE outfit photographed at Vasona Park 

($65.00 + tax)




Add Additional Sessions to customize YOUR Senior Portrait Session

One Additional Outfit: An additional outfit of your choice, photographed with the background of your choice. Ideas? Music, Cheer, Dance, Friends, Theatre, Sports, Art, Feather Boa, YOUR STYLE done YOUR WAY! ($15.00 + tax)

Two Additional Outfits: Two additional outfits of your choice, photographed with the background of your choice. Ideas? Music, Cheer, Dance, Friends, Theatre, Sports, Art, Feather Boa, YOUR STYLE done YOUR WAY! ($30.00 + tax)

Cap & Gown - Casual: Cap & Gown Casual is photographed in our High-Key white room. Use of studio props is encouraged! Fun, light-hearted, cap & gown portrait that's all about YOU! ($15.00 + tax)

Cap & Gown - Traditional: Cap and Gown Traditional is photographed in our head and shoulder room, traditional style poses. ($15.00 + tax)


Bring your Pet -  Bring your furry (or not so furry friend) in for a fun, relaxed portrait. ($20.00 + tax)

Bring Your Car -If it's your car, truck, or motorcycle that you love... we will take you to Vasona Lake Park for an outdoor session

that you're sure to love.  ($25.00 + tax)

Just Outside - If a "mini-environmental" outdoor session is what your looking for then this is the perfect solution. Step "Just Outside" the studio and take advantage of the lush Los Gatos landscape for a beautiful outdoor session. ($15.00 + tax)


Buddy/Sibling Session Bring your friend or sibling to be photographed with you! You will  be photographed indoors with your choice of a background. This fee applies to each buddy/sibling that will be in your photograph.($15.00 + tax/person)


 Yearbook only sessions are available. Call the studio for information.


For samples of our session options visit our Gallery  by clicking here: http://nowandforeverstudio.com/gallery-index/#gallery


 Check out our Frequently Asked Questionshttp://nowandforeverstudio.com/faqs/#sessionfaqs