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Welcome to the Tepper Undergraduate Programs' on-line appointment scheduling system.

On this site, you may schedule 15 and 30 minute appointments. When we are teaching, attending meetings, already booked, etc., an appointment time is not indicated. Hopefully, this will save you a trip over to Tepper. Of course, walk-ins are always welcome.


Business Administration:

Ms. Rubab Jafry O'Connor, Tepper 135
Dr. Stephen Pajewski, Tepper 137



  • Primary Majors and Dual Degrees
    • Class of 2015: Ms. Conway, Tepper 131
    • Class of 2018: Dr. Goldburg, Tepper 130
    • Class of 2017: Ms. Conway
    • Class of 2016: Dr. Goldburg  


  • All Additional Majors
    • All Classes: Dr. Goldburg


  • All Minors
    • All Classes: Ms. Conway