**Advising appointments are for Undergraduate Continuing Studies degree and certificate programs only. For more information on graduate programs, please contact Graduate Admissions at 978-934-2390**

**All in-person appointments will be held in Southwick Hall Room 203 on UML North Campus**
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Undergraduate Degree Completion


Students who expect to complete their degree requirements in the 2016-2017 academic year must apply for graduation.  Details on how to apply for graduation can be found at http://continuinged.uml.edu/policies/graduation.cfm.


Advising Notes

If you're interested in speaking with an advisor about the Mechanical Engineering Technology program, you can contact Professor Glenn Sundberg at Glenn_Sundberg@uml.edu to schedule an appointment.  


Skype Advising

You can now schedule an online video chat with one of our academic advisors. If you are interested in a Skype advising appointment, you can choose Skype from the program menu on the left. Please include your Skype Name and program of interest in the notes section. The following advisors are available for Skype appointments:


April O'Donnell (Skype Name: odonnell.aprilr) - Information Technology, Liberal Arts, General Advising

Cathy Hamilton (Skype Name: cathyhamilton1231) - Liberal Arts, General Advising, Certificate Programs

Mary Duell- (Skype Name: mnduell) Psychology


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