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Welcome to Six Degrees!
We provide affordable, quality holistic care in downtown Toronto, with a Community Acupuncture clinic, a Yoga & Martial Arts Studio, and a diversity of health service practices.
You can contact us 416-866-8484 or email info@sixdegreeshealth.ca 

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You can use this online scheduling system to make appointments for: 

Community Acupuncture, Eastern Nutrition Consultation, NADA treatment and Private appointments 

If this is your first time for Community Acupuncture, please select "First appointment"

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In August Lamia and Susanda take some time off so that we may relax, refresh and come back to Six Degrees with renewed energy.  :)


Lamia will be away from Aug 1 -16.  (On Wednesday Aug 5 & 12 we shift hours to 10 - 7pm)


Susanda will be away from Aug 17 - Sept 3  (On Wednesday Aug 19 & 26 we shift hours to 12 - 9pm)


Please keep up your Acupuncture and/or Bodywork treatments during this time.  

Susanda will be covering for Lamia and Lamia and Rian will be covering for Susanda.

You are in good hands at Six Degrees





Community Acupuncture Schedule


Monday         10 am - 2 pm (Matt & Rian)

                    3 pm - 7 pm (Jen)


Tuesday        11 am - 3 pm (Lamia)

                    3 pm- 7 pm (Matt)


Wednesday   10 am- 2 pm (Susanda)

                    4 pm - 9 pm (Lamia)


Thursday      12 - 7 pm (Susanda)  
                   2 - 5 pm (Rian)


Friday           1 pm - 7 pm (Susanda)

                   3 pm - 7 pm (Lamia)


Saturday      12 - 4 pm  (Jen)


**** Last appointment is 1 hour before closing

**** 24 Hour Cancellation Policy - Without this notice, please pay for your missed appointment 

**** To cancel appointments within 24 hours of your appointment please call us at 416-866-8484



Private Appointment Schedule


Monday            11am - 3pm        (Lamia)

Tuesday           1:45 - 7pm          (Susanda)  

Thursday          12 - 7 pm            (Lamia)


Susanda offers Private Acupuncture or Acupuncture & Alignment sessions

Lamia offers Shiatsu, Shiatsu with Acupuncture or Private Acupuncture sessions