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Pre-K Parents:

Pre-K appointments can be made by choosing the "2019-2020 Pre-K Registrations" in the dropdown to the left. If you have not already done so, please complete your application using our
online application process.

After May 23rd, PK appointments will use the
standard registration calendars for one or more students.


Effingham County Board of Education

Student Enrollment Requirements


We are excited to have you join our school district. Effingham County Schools registers all students, new to Effingham County or those off roll for 10+ days, at our Central Registration Center. Students transferring from one Effingham County School to another without missing 10+ consecutive days of school may directly report to the new school without going through Central Registration.


The following documents are required upon registration at the Effingham County Schools Central Registration Center. Please assist us by having these papers with you when you arrive at the Center for your registration appointment.1 Your child(ren) are not required to be present for the registration appointment.


  • Proof of Residency: (must be no older than 30 days)
    • Homeowners: Telephone, electric, or other utility bill that includes the physical address of the residence.
    • Renters: Utility bills such as electric, water, land-line phone, or cable bill that includes the physical address of the residence.

Call Central Registration if you have questions/concerns about Proof of Residency: 912-754-2530

NOTE:  Cell phone bills will not be accepted as valid proof of residence.

  • Most recent report card and current transcript from last school attended. 
  • Copy of student’s original foreign or domestic birth certificate or other acceptable evidence of age as specified in Effingham County Board of Education Policy JBC: School Admissions. 
  • A copy ofthe enrolling student's social security card.2

(Parent may elect to sign a form at the time of registration stating the individual does not wish to provide the social security number, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-150.)

  • Completed Georgia Immunization Form and Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening Form.3
  • Custody or guardianship papers issued by the court if student lives with anyone other than the natural parents, as listed on the birth certificate. 
  • Any court orders that prevent or limit access of a parent to the child or the child’s educational records. 
  • Any restraining orders or other legal documents specifically limiting the access of any individual to the student(s) being enrolled. 
  • Picture ID of parent or legal guardian registering child.4 
  • If the family is living in the household with someone else, you must submit a notarized Family Residence Affidavit from the homeowner stating that the parent and child(ren) live in the house with them, along with valid proof of residency. Both the parent / legal guardian and the person the family is living with should come to the Center at the time of registration to have this statement notarized. 
  • Documentation of any health concerns or allergies of which the school should be aware.

Also, when you arrive atthe Central Registration Center to register your child, please have the following information available in order to complete the necessary enrollment papers:

  • Student / Parent Phone Numbers, Addresses, and E-Mail Addresses (if applicable)
  • Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
  • Physician Name & Phone Number



1In accordance with the Effingham County Schools JBC(1) Homeless Students policy and the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, students experiencing homelessness  shall not have their enrollment denied or delayed due to lack of any document normally required for enrollment.

2Social security numbers are used by Effingham County Schools as a student identifier when reporting to the Georgia Department of Education and to the Georgia Student Finance Commission, as required to establish eligibility for financial aid including HOPE scholarship.  Social security numbers may also be reported to the Georgia Department of Human Services in billing for certain services provided to Medicaid-eligible students, with parental permission.

 3Alternately, parents may be issued a temporary waiver by providing an appointment card from a healthcare provider showing they have made an immunization appointment. 

4Picture ID may be a government issued identification, employee identification, student identification, or other identification that provides acceptable evidence of the registering parent or guardian’s identity.