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Update: April 27, 2021

Hello all and welcome back!  
I hope you are well.

The diary is open for booking as usual from 9pm. 

Please also note we now have enhanced protocols in place re Covid. You can wear your ordinary fabric mask on the journey here but you will be provided with an *FFP3* mask on arrival.  
Alternatively, you may bring your own FFP3 mask but it must arrive here in its sealed packet before use.  The cost of one of these masks is £4.50 per session.  Ordinary fabric masks are no longer suitable for the time being.  This is subject to review whilst the current Covid situation is still with us.
Please be reminded that card payment services have been discontinued since January 2021 and payment is now by bank transfer or cash only whichever is more convenient for you.  I have been asked if payment can be made in advance, and the answer is Yes.  You can do this immediately after booking, before you arrive on the day, or whilst you are in the chair whichever is best for you, as long as it is made before you leave.
If you do not like to do mobile banking outside of your home, please make your online payment BEFORE you arrive to avoid embarassment on both sides or bring cash with you.
Catering is still on hold for the moment and I hope to resume soon.  Feel free to bring a snack with you.

Thank you very much. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Carol x

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