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Registration is for face-to-face learning.  Virtual learning is not an option at this time.

Parents/Guardians WILL NOT come to the office at their reserved processing time.  The date and time that you select is for the online application to be completed and required documents provided.  A phone call will not be received unless more information is needed.  An email will be sent within 48 hours once the registration has been completed.  If the online application is completed early, the registration may be processed earlier than your reserved processing date and time.


Please read all the information below before selecting registration based on the number of students being enrolled.

All registration for new or returning students, including special needs Pre-K, takes place at Central Registration. 

The Central Registration Office is located at 522 Hardee Street Dallas, GA 30132.   

Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.  Step-parents seeking to register a student on behalf of a biological parent should contact Central Registration for instructions.

Welcome to the Paulding County School District!

We are excited to have you join our Paulding County School District (PCSD) family. PCSD Central Registration registers the following students:

  • Students new to Paulding County
  • Students returning to a Paulding County School who have been enrolled in another public, private, or homeschool.

NOTE: Students transferring from one Paulding County School to another Paulding County School do not need to register through Central Registration. Parent should go to current school to withdraw student. Once the student has been withdrawn, go to the new school with the withdrawal slip and two proofs of your new address.  For more information, please contact your student's current school.

When registering a new or returning student in the Paulding County School District, the student is expected to start school within 3 days.

To Enroll a Student:

  • Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may enroll.

  • Make an appointment either online or by phone

  • Complete an online application (This service may not be available during busy periods – July / August / January.)

  • Complete a request for records (available as pdf in Request for Records Form link on the left, Registration Forms link on the left, or in our office)

  • Upload required documents to the online application or email required documents to centralregistration@paulding.k12.ga.us before your appointment time.

  • An email will be sent to the enrolling parent within 48 hours of the registration being completed.

The following conditions will cause appointments to be rescheduled:

  • Online application not completed by time of appointment

  • Required documents not being uploaded or emailed by the time of appointment

The application MUST be completed before the scheduled appointment time.  The required documents MUST be uploaded or emailed before your appointment time.

Parents should provide the following documentation to the scheduled appointment:

  1. Birth Certificate:  A birth certificate is required for proof of age and legal name.  A birth certificate can be domestic or foreign.  A passport may also be used in lieu of a birth certificate.  Kindergarten and first grade students cannot be registered without proof of age.
  2. Social Security Card (recommended but optional): The school system asks parents to provide a copy of the student’s Social Security card.  Although providing the student’s Social Security card is optional, it is recommended. Parents electing not to provide student social security numbers should be aware that the Georgia Student Finance Commission will find a student ineligible for the Georgia HOPE scholarship.
  3. Immunization Records (DHR 3231): The Georgia Department of Human Resources requires student immunizations be up-to-date, and a record of such immunizations must be maintained in the student’s school records. Out-of-state forms must be transferred to a Georgia form, which can be done at a local Georgia physician’s office or the local Department of Health. The Paulding County Health Department's phone number is 770-443-7881. Failure to provide the appropriate documentation may result in the student being withdrawn from school.  
  4. Eye, Ear, Dental & Nutrition Screening (DHR 3300): The Georgia Department of Human Resources requires that each student must have an Eye, Ear, Dental, & Nutrition Examination Form maintained in the student’s school records. Out-of-state forms must be transferred to a Georgia form, which can be done at a local Georgia physician’s office or the local Department of Health. Failure to provide the appropriate documentation may result in the student being withdrawn from school.
  5. Withdrawal Form/Grades: Students cannot be enrolled in two schools at the same time.  Proof of withdrawal from the previous school is recommended before registering.  A final report card can be used in place of a withdrawal form for students transferring during the summer.
  6. Discipline Records (only middle and high school): A copy of the student’s discipline report from the previous school should also be submitted when enrolling a new student. Suspensions and expulsions from other school systems will be honored.
  7. Transcript (high school only): Students may not be enrolled in the proper classes without a transcript. A copy of the transcript should be obtained when withdrawing the student from the previous school.  Transcripts can be official or unofficial.
  8. Individual Education Plans (IEP): If your student(s) currently have an active IEP, please bring the IEP with you. We CANNOT use a progress report as it does not provide the necessary information to place the student.  If your student is Pre-K age with an IEP, you must have a copy of the IEP at the time of your appointment.  We cannot register a Pre-K student without a copy of the current IEP.  
  9. Legal Documents: If legal documents exist regarding the student, a copy of those papers should be presented at the time of registration to be placed in the student's file.
  10. Proof of residence: (Unable to register student(s)without proof of residence) Two proofs of residence shall be provided when a student seeks enrollment in the Paulding County School District. 

Valid proof of residence is:

(a)  Any two monthly utility bills (power, water, cable, gas, garbage, satellite) or mortgage statement issued within the last 30 days which includes the service address. Remittance portion of statement is not acceptable.  Two different utility bills can be provided as both proofs of residence (i.e. water and power or mortgage and gas);

(b)  Lease or rental agreement signed by both parties consisting of written evidence that a current valid agreement exists. Also to be included with this agreement shall be the name, address, and/or telephone number of the lessor or:

(c)  Home ownership title consisting of either a warranty deed, quit-claim deed, or security deed in the name of the parent/guardian showing the location of the legal residence.

**If the family is living in the household with someone else, a Statement of Legal Residence form is required AND must be notarized.  This form must be completed by the enrolling parent/guardian AND the homeowner/lessor.  Enrolling parent/guardian should complete the section entitled "Affidavit of Parent/Guardian" (statements 1-5).  The homeowner/lessor should complete the section entitled "Certification of Residence Owner/Lessor."  Proof of residence, as mentioned above, must be provided in the name of the person completing this section of the form.

If you have to provide this form, please contact Central Registration on how to proceed.  To print or download a copy of the Statement of Legal Residence, click here. **

Please scroll to top of page and select a registration (on left side) based on the number of students being enrolled.