Welcome to the scheduling page for the UC Hastings Office of Career and Professional Development.

Attorney Counselor bios and emails can be found in the "Attorney Counselors" tab. 

 The schedule will generally show open appointments no more than two weeks out. 


Attention Alums from the Class of 2014 and earlier: We are entering the time of the year in which our annual recruiting cycle for the 2Ls and 3Ls ramps up considerably. If you can wait until the beginning of September to make an appointment, you would be helping us in our efforts. Once September begins, we will be happy to resume offering all of our counseling services to our alumni population. 


Please contact the Career Office at 415-565-4619 if you have a pressing counseling need or questions.


 Please only book one appointment per week. If you need additional appointments, you must have a counselor referral. 


 Please Note: You will only be able to view appointment slots 10 days in advance. Anything beyond 10 days will appear to be unavailable. Check back tomorrow for more slots. 


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