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Welcome to our Appointment System for Passport Application.



USERS ARE INSTRUCTED to READ CAREFULLY the instructions below before proceeding.



(Applicant cannot create an account profile ahead of making a booking):

I.      Select a staff member (corresponding to the location where the passport application will be submitted) in the Select a Staff Member option.


II.     In the Select a Service option, choose from the following:


Passport Application in Vancouver B.C. (for submission in Vancouver, BC

office); or


Passport Application in an Outreach Program (for submission in an outreach program outside Vancouver).


III.    Choose desired appointment date & time: (Online booking allows 90 days advance booking only.)


Look for dates and time slots in white background. 


A date in the appointment calendar shaded grey means a fully booked day or not yet available.


A time slot shaded grey means it is already taken.




1.     THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ALLOW MULTIPLE BOOKINGS FOR ONE INDIVIDUAL. An appointment slot is linked to an account profile.  Using the same account profile for other family members or friends will be recognized by the system as multiple bookings.  To avoid multiple bookings, individual accounts must be made for other family members/friends who need to book an appointment; 


2.     ONE APPOINTMENT SLOT PER APPLICANT.  An appointment slot is valid for use by the named applicant in the system only.  It cannot be extended or transferred to another person or another name.



IV.    In the "Are you a new or returning user?" prompt, click on either:


New User, if this is the first time you are creating your account profile in the system; OR


Returning User, if you already have an account profile in the system – the user will be prompted to supply his/her login name and password.


IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS to New Users creating an account profile in

the system: 

1.      Indicate your name in the account profile EXACTLY as it appears in your latest passport


Names of passport applicants in a Consular Outreach Program will be checked against the Lookout List before the date of the outreach program.  Only applicants whose names have been cleared may proceed with their passport applications.  Applicants whose names have a “hit” in our Lookout List will be notified via email.


2.      Provide a VALID email address.  An applicant will receive an email confirming his appointment immediately after successfully finalizing his/her booking.


Applicants without email addresses must be assisted by others (e.g., family members, relatives or friends) to set up an email account for them.  Note also that account profiles may share one email address (an account profile may use an email address already used in another account profile).


3.     REVIEW inputs in the account profile before clicking on the “Finalize Appointment” button.  "Your Appointment has been confirmed!" message will be shown on the next screen if your booking was successful.



V.     After finalizing the chosen appointment slot, click the “Logout” tab if the user is finished or needs to make another booking.






Make sure to arrive on time for your appointment and submit their documents when required.


Bring the confirmation email received.


Use the following email addresses to communicate with the Philippine Consulate General:


appointment_cancel@vancouverpcg.org   -               to cancel an appointment slot

Your account profile will be deleted as well


no_confirmation@vancouverpcg.org          -               to notify us of missing confirmation emails

Check your email in your junk or spam folder before requesting please.  

Alternatively, you may print your schedule from the Appointment history list after logging on in the system.  Login prompts are at the upper right-hand corner of this screen.


profile_update@vancouverpcg.org              -               to correct details in your account profile


vancouverpcg@telus.net                               -               for all other concerns apart from topics above


Send requests using the email address in your account profile.  When requesting to cancel an appointment or update an account profile, please indicate:


-       applicant's complete name;

-       applicant’s appointment date and time; and

-       the specific request or question, clearly stated.


If the email sent comes from an email address that does not match our records, the email may not be acted on.