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This booking system is for the Wishart vehicle inspection facility only.

The facility is located at 61 Distribution Drive, Wishart.
It is within Truck Central - access via Wishart Road, Tiger Brennan Drive end.


Before you book

You do not need to book for:

  • compliance checks
  • re-check inspections.

You can go directly to the Wishart vehicle inspection facility and use the by-pass lane (far-left), please note last compliance inspection 3:45pm.

You must book for all other inspections types for both light and heavy vehicles.

You can book up to four weeks in advance.



The Registrar of Motor Vehicles is required to collect information for registrations, licenses and permits under the NT Motor Vehicles Act 1949. 

The Registrar adheres to the government’s privacy statement and the Information Act 2002.  Further information can be found at www.nt.gov.au.

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