Welcome to South Metro Safety Foundation’s car seat inspection scheduling system. 

To get started, please select an inspection location using the drop down menu below.  Only dates highlighted in white are available.

  • For virtual appointments please call 303-805-0228.  
  • Schedule your in-person appointment below.
  • A car seat inspection will take up to 30 minutes per car seat or booster.  If you have 2 or more car seats, please book 2 consecutive inspections.  If you have an extra car that you want a car seat to be fitted into, please book those inspections separately.

 Prior to your appointment:

  • Please familiarize yourself with your car seat manual and the section of your vehicle owner’s manual regarding proper installation of the car seat or booster.
  • Please install the car seat to the best of your ability using the instructions provided in these two manuals

Please bring your vehicle owner’s manual and a copy of your car seat manual to your appointment for the technician to reference.  

It is strongly recommended that your child be present to assure a proper fit in the car seat.

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