Please read the information below about LSU SSS before scheduling your appointment!

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LSU SSS Member Appointment Scheduling  


 Only LSU SSS Members and LSU students who are interested in LSU SSS membership should schedule appointments with the LSU SSS staff.


Student Support Services is now located in Basement of Coates Hall on the Quad Side.


SSS students should report to B14 to check in for appointments with the SSS staff.  


In order to ensure that all of LSU SSS students are receiving the necessary services, please schedule your appointment with the appropriate SSS staff member according to your status and meeting topic.


Please contact me at if this presents a problem for you.


Murphy's primary responsibilities include: 

·        Advising & Counseling LSU SSS Freshmen

·        Overseeing the Peer Mentoring Program

·        Managing Community Moodle for Priority Points

·        Managing Text Reminders for programming events

·        Assisting with other advising and programming as time allows

Craig’s primary responsibilities include:

·        Advising & Counseling LSU SSS Juniors & Seniors

·        Overseeing the LSU SSS Lab

·        LSU SSS Tutoring assignments

·        SSS 1001 Team Teacher for Spring 2017

·        Assisting with other advising & programming as time allows

Rachael's primary responsibilities include:

·        Advising & Counseling LSU SSS Sophomores

·        SSS 1001 Team Teacher for Fall 2017

·        Fall Workshop schedule for priority points


Some SSS Services are limited to a specific staff member and therefore, you must select their name in order for the service to appear in the drop down box.  Those are listed here:

    • Murphy Rutherford must be selected for:
      • Freshman services
      • Peer Mentor issues
    • Craig Winchell must be selected for:
      • Applying to SSS
      • Tutoring Issues
      • Exit/Graduation Checkout
      • Junior/Senior services
    • Debbie Hollier must be selected for:
      • Sophomore services
      • Strengths Finder
      • Strong Interest/MBTI