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ADVISING SCHEDULE - February 20 - February 24, 2017 


College of Science counselors are the primary premedical/pre-dental advisors at LSU. Any LSU student can schedule an appointment with a Pre-Health advisor, please select “Premed/Predent advising” under the services option.


1. Read before scheduling an appointment:


  • If you are not an LSU student or are not currently in the College of Science, call 225-578-4200 or email science@lsu.edu to discuss how we can assist you.
  • Click here for allied health (pre-nursing, pre-pharm, PA, PT, etc.) advising.
  • Financial aid questions must be directed to 225-578-3103.
  • Science Residential College must confirm the appointment location prior to your scheduled time using your confirmation email.
  • MAY 2017 Degree Candidates, please contact College of Science for assistance if no appointments are available.


2. To schedule an appointment:


  • Select Classification. (DO NOT CHOOSE “ANY CLASSIFICATION”) 
  • Select Service.
  • Select Advisor, or choose "no preference."  (Note: Capri Mandella only advises Freshman)
  • Select Date & Time.
  • Finalize Appointment.


3. Appointment Availability:


  • Appointments open for one week at a time. Every Friday morning appointment times open for the next week.  If the calendar is all Gray, the appointments are currently all booked for the week. You may check the appointments system throughout the week for cancellations.


4. Additional Advising Resource:


  • Currently enrolled students may request advising from their major's faculty advisor. Call the number below to request an appointment.

BIOL, BCH, & MBIO: 225-578-5224

Chemistry: 225-578-2940

Geology: 225-578-3353

Math: 225-578-1617 

Physics: 225-578-4858



For questions or inquiries, contact the College of Science Student Services Office at (225) 578-4200 or email science@lsu.edu