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February 26th  – March 2nd, 2018


Please see the following instructions on scheduling an appointment with a College of Science advisor:


Currently enrolled students may schedule an appointment by:

1.   Selecting YOUR Classification. (DO NOT CHOOSE “ANY CLASSIFICATION”) 

2.   Selecting Service.

3.   Selecting Advisor, or choose "no preference."  

***(Note: Capri Mandella only advises Freshman. If you are not a freshman and schedule an appointment with Miss Mandella, your appointment will be cancelled.

4.   Selecting Date and Time.     

5.   Finalizing Appointment.


Important Notes:

  • Click for allied health advising (pre-nursing, pre-pharm, PA, etc.) Our office does not provide advising for allied health.
  • Financial aid questions must be directed to 225-578-3103.
  • Science Residential College must confirm the appointment location prior to your scheduled time using your confirmation email.


College of Science Student Services

(225) 578-4200


Additional Advising Resource: Currently enrolled students may request advising from their major's faculty advisor. Call the number below to request an appointment.


BIOL, BCH, & MBIO: 225-578-5224

Chemistry: 225-578-2940

Geology: 225-578-3353

Math: 225-578-1617 

Physics: 225-578-4858


You may also review our College of Science Student Resource page for more information.