Please read the following before making an appointment:

  • Make an appointment with the appropriate advisor (if you fit into one of the categories we'll also do registration advising at the same time):
    • Study abroad: Terry Island
    • Double Major/Minor (STEM): Terry Island
    • Double Major/Minor (non-STEM): Jessica Stein
    • Co-op: Jessica Stein
    • Athletes: Terry Island
    • Southern Maryland Program: Terry Island
    • Interest in department involvement: Fitzgerald Walker
  • Please make one appointment with one advisor. If you need a follow up appointment regarding a non-urgent matter, wait until after Thanksgiving to make a second appointment. 
  • Walk-in advising is for quick questions or urgent matters only. Do not use walk-in advising as your mandatory registration advising meeting; you must make an appointment. 
  • If you email an adivsor, please address it one advisor only. We will get back to you!

The university will be closed Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24.


Walk-in advising for quick questions or urgent matters only is available Monday through Friday from 12pm to 1pm. Do not use walk-in advising for registration advising.


Our office is located in Glenn Martin Hall, rooms 2182 – 2188.

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