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The College of Engineering is gravitating toward an alphabetic advising model. Counselors will monitor the records of a portion of the alphabet. Students are encouraged to see the counselor who corresponds to the first letter of their last name.

A-D: Ms. Ashleigh Turner
E-J: Ms. Lisa Fontenot
K-P: Ms. Anissa Guerin
Q-Z: Ms. Bianca Lee
Pre-Healthcare Advising Mr. Nick Totaro 

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Walk-ins will be seen by counselors on a first come-first serve basis and according to time available between scheduled appointments.

Know that the following services do not require an appointment:

  • Invoking the Grade Exclusion Policy
  • Requesting a Final Exam schedule change
  • Changing a major within the College
  • Obtaining a copy of your degree audit
  • Finding out your class rank
  • Adding or removing a minor
  • Declaring or amending your graduation date
  • Changing your catalog year

These issues can be addressed at the Front Counter in Student Services, William Brookshire Student Services Suite, 2228 Patrick F. Taylor Hall. Our phone number is 225-578-5731.