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Mindful 30 (11:30 am) Date(s)
Learn how to relieve stress by incorporating music, breathing exercises, and muscle relaxation into your day. Sessions are held in Portable 17 at the District Office Complex.
Summer - Retirement Planning Workshop Date(s)
This workshop will help employees identify benchmarks to plan for retirement. Topics include (1) Normal Retirement, (2) Health Insurance Subsidy, (3) Employment after Retirement and (4) FRS retirement benefits and resources.

Unless otherwise noted, all appointments and workshops are conducted at the District Office Complext in the Business Service Center (Bldg. #4) located at 20360 Gator Lane, Land O' Lakes, Florida.


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Retirement Services

Retirement Services are provided by the Employee Benefits Section fo the Office Human Resources and Educator Quality.  The purpose of Retirement Services is to assist employees with planning and preparing for a successful transition from an active employee to retirement.  Our goal is to provide employees the tools and resources needed to plan and prepare for retirement while employed with Pasco County Schools.

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SUBcentral Interview Appointments

Scheduling an interview for an Instructional Substitute position is the second step in the process of becoming a substitute teacher with Pasco County Schools.  You must have a completed application on file in order to schedule an interview.  If you have not completed an application, please click this link:

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, select the service "SUBcentral Interview Appointment" using the dropdown menu to the left.  You will then select a calendar date and complete the easy registration form.


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