Appointments are not for DL Renewals or Registration Renewals.

Appointments are available for: Driving Skills Test, Medical Re-exam, Written Exams, CDL Haz-Mat, Non-US Citizens and Commercial (dealer, attorney, title company, or towing and storage).

Frequently asked questions: How far in advance can customers make appointments?

  • 30 calendar days are available for appointments.
  • Each day after midnight another date in the future will open.
  • Dates greater than 30 days will be grayed out until they open.
  • If a date is grayed out it is either completely booked or it is greater than 30 days and has not yet opened up for appointments.
  • Please do not double book appointments. Multiple appointments will be cancelled. You can only schedule 1 appointment in the system at a time, which must be in your name only. If you need to change an appointment you must cancel the existing appointment first. 
  • Please note: Services are limited to Lake County residents/businesses only. Your address and name will be verified upon arrival. We regret we will not be able to honor appointments made by non-Lake County residents/businesses or in the name of another person.

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