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24 hour advance appointment required.  

Driver check in is located on the East Side of the building. 

Appointments made after 3:00pm CST today for the next business day will not be honored. 


Pickups do not require an appointment however, the load must be confirmed with your customer service representative. Please note, you cannot schedule an appointment more than 14 days in advance.

Dock Locator
Location Address 1195 West Fullerton ave
Addison,IL 60101

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Receiving is by appointment only if you have 12 skids or more or in excess of 20,000lbs. 24 hour advanced appointment REQUIRED. If under 12 pallets and 20,000lbs, FCFS 8am-12noon.  

Appointments scheduled after 3:00PM today for the next business day will not be honored.


Upon your arrival to 1195 W Fullerton, Enter on the EAST SIDE DRIVEWAY. Park to the right side of the lot as to not block the driveway
for other carriers trying to enter and exit the lot. DO NOT DOUBLE PARK. Once parked, check into the receiving office.Once you are assigned a dock door back up to the assigned door and CHOCK your tires. You will be given specific instruction at that time.