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Join us for an informational workshop and learn more about Ideal Protein! We will have samples of some of the 80 different meals Ideal Protein has to offer. Learn about this amazing weight loss method and how you can lose significant weight before summer arrives. Book your Initial Consultation at the Open House and SAVE $50 on our Ideal Protein Quick Start Package. Appointments avaialble Tuesday-Saturday. How is IP different from all other diet programs? Ideal Protein is a clinical weight loss program available only through offices of healthcare providers and monitored by highly knowledgeable, Ideal Protein Certified Coaches. Our mission is to help guide you through your weight loss journey, not only focusing on the amazing results of the Ideal Protein program, but teaching you how to keep the weight off through lifestyle changes and developing healthy eating habits. If you're serious about losing weight and improving your overall health and wellness, please join us!
Tue,9/19/2017 (19 of 20 available) 
Tue,10/17/2017 (20 of 20 available) 
Tue,11/21/2017 (20 of 20 available) 
Tue,12/19/2017 (20 of 20 available) 

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     Marysville/Smokey Pt. location: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6pm 

     Mill Creek location: 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm

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For LipoMelt select the "Mill Creek" location and "LipoMelt" under coaches. (Mill Creek only) 


For Infrared Sauna select the "Marysville" location and "Infrared Sauna" under coaches. (Marysville Only)

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