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The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) is located in Davis Library Suite 225.

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Welcome to the CTLR's online appointment scheduler!

To make an appointment with Dean Lisa Gates, select the program Fellowships and Undergraduate Research. Choose a 25 minute length unless it is your first appointment or Lisa has asked you to choose 50 minutes. Please read the scheduling instructions found here. Specific information about fellowships and undergraduate research programs and deadlines can be found at go/fellowships or go/uro it is recommended you review these resources prior to your appointment.

For all other professional services choose the program titled Center for Teaching, Learning & Research and select a service from the menu.

Appointment availablilty may be limited, especially outside of those displayed, but if you are unable to find an apointment that fits into your schedule, contact the professional advisor directly by email.

For peer tutoring, drop-in session schedules, and other services see the CTLR Student Resources.